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10Litre Nitro Iron

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Designed to give your lawn a quick boost of colour and growth and to aid the turf in iron deficiency. Containing: 15% Nitrogen 5% Iron 2.3% Suphur 4% Fish. Kelp & Fulvic Uses: Intended for use in the correction and prevention of foliage yellowing due to iron deficiency of flowers, shrubs, trees, vegetables and lawns. Rates: Use between 0.5 to 1.5L of product per 100sqm of lawn. Apply in a sufficient volume of water to thoroughly wet the foliage and runoff in the root zone. 20-50L per hectare 200L drums available upon request. Note: Iron deficiency in many plants is an indication of high pH or alkaline soil. If yellowing persists or returns rapidly after treatment, soil pH should be checked and adjusted if necessary.

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