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2kg Pure Kikuyu Bucket

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Kikuyu is a lush, green, strong and rapidly growing grass. It covers quickly with it's vigorous runners. It is also self repairing and has excellent wear tolerance. Ground cover is excellent with its strong running stolons that respond quickly to N.P fertiliser applications in the Spring and Summer months. Kikuyu is very competitive and generally incompatible with other grasses. It dominates an area and provides a strong coverage. Inside the bucket: • 2kg of 100% pure Kikuyu grass. • Pro-Tech treatment. Establishment: Sowing rates for lawn - 1kg per 100m2 Sowing time - Spring/Summer with warm soil temperature over 21 degrees. turfmate's kikuyu bucket has a minimum germination rate of 85% NEW Pro-Tech treatments include inside each bucket: • Improved plant establishment • Chemical growth promotants for improved early vigour • Improved early root growth and development • NPK nutrients and trace elements that are immediately available to the seedling • A more robust seedling for slow establishment grasses • Protection against biting and sucking insects • Improved tolerance to stress • Protection against fungal diseases Pro-Tech is designed to enhance seedling establishment by delivering improved early seedling vigour and root development, through the inclusion of growth promotants and protection to fungal disease.

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