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Aerial Safety Cage 9 Feet


Industry regulations require ladders users working above a certain height to tie off to a suitable anchor point before they can work with both hands. In some circumstances, these standards are often difficult or even impossible to keep, and often result in operators working in unsafe positions. We engineered the Little Giant Cage adjustable enclosed platform to be a versatile, safe alternative to tying off. The Cage is constructed of nonconductive, high-strength fiberglass-resin composite. The Cage is fully adjustable in one-foot increments, allowing the operator to adjust the platform height to the job at hand. Each side adjusts independently, so operators can also use the Cage over uneven surfaces or stairs, where a mechanical lift or ordinary stepladder could never go. And the Cage protects operators in a fully enclosed working platform, allowing them to work safely and quickly with two hands while complying with industry regulations. Time- and energy-saving Tip & Glide™ Wheels make it quick and easy to move from job to job. The Cage is also available with optional Wheel Lift™ Casters that allow you to easily move the Cage from place to place while fully deployed.


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Model 3-5 Model 5-9 Model 8-14
Model Number 18503-240 18509-240 18515-240
Weight Capacity 150 150 150kg
Cage Min. Height 2.03 M 2.64 M 3.55 M
Cage Max. Height 2.64 M 3.86 M 5.38 M
Max. Highest Standing Level (Platform) 1.50 M 2.65 M 4.05 M
Platform to Guardrail Height 1.11 M 1.11 M 1.11 M
Platform Area  .45X.55 M .45 X .55 M .45 X .55 M
Rung Size Single Section 0.04m 0.04 M 0.04 M
Rung Size Double Section 0.10 M 0.10 M 0.10 M
Storage Height 2.35 M 2.95 M 3.85 M
Storage Width at Base 1.15 M 1.15 M 1.15 M
Storage Depth 0.28 M 0.28 M 0.28 M
Max. Footprint 1.41 X1.44 M 1.41 X 2.23 M 1.41 X 3.25 M
Spreader System Platform Platform Platform
Extension Lock System Cast Aluminum Rock Locks™ Cast Aluminum Rock Locks™ Cast Aluminum Rock Locks™
Material Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass
Tip & Glide™ Wheels Yes Yes Yes
Feet Co-Molded Snap On Co-Molded Snap On Co-Molded Snap On
Cage Weight 34kg 41kg 54kg
* Subject to change
Cage Weight w/Wheel Lift™ 41kg 48kg 61kg
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Country of Origin Assembled in the USA Assembled in the USA Assembled in the USA

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