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The Sentinel lets you get closer to the task at-hand than a standard A-frame offers. The Little Giant® Sentinel combines two ladders in one, leaning ladder & an A-Frame ladder, making it a versatile tool to help you get stuff done with confidence. Available in 10’ and 12’ models, the Sentinel is rated to hold up to 150kgs. This ladder exceeds AS1892.1:2018 Australian Standards
  • Rotating Wall Pad

The Sentinel features a rotating wall pad that allows you to safely work on inside corners, walls and studs & outside corners. With its non-marring surface, you can lean your ladder to get closer to your work without fear of damaging the surface on which you are working.

  • Ground Cue®

Many injuries occur when descending the ladder, specifically by missing the last rung of the ladder. When you step on the bottom rung of the ladder, Ground Cue® makes an audible click, alerting you that you have reached the ground safely.

  • Non-Conductive, High-Viz Green Fiberglass

Our High-Viz green fiberglass is non-conductive & lightweight. The vibrant green color is proven to increase visibility, preventing injuries from people or objects bumping the ladder while it is in use. The Sentinel is a great all-around ladder for tasks at home or for the professional tradesman.

  • Extra-Wide Rungs

At 8cm wide the rungs on the Sentinel are already comfortable, but the top two standing rungs are where the Sentinel really shines. The top rungs are set at 16cm for maximum foot comfort while standing atop the ladder.

Part Number 15910-002 15912-002
Model  10' 12'
Stepladder Highest Standing Level 2.35 2.9m
Stepladder Max Reach 4.3m 4.9m
Min/Max Footprint 1.65m 1.9m
Storage Height 3.2 3.8m
Storage Width at Base 66cm 70cm
Storage Depth 18cm 18cm
Top Width 38cm 38cm
Weight 18kg 22kg
Leaning Ladder Highest Standing Level 2.0m  2.6m
Leaning Ladder Max Reach 4.0m  4.6m
Top 2 Rung Width 16cm 16cm
Other Rung Width 8cm 8cm

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