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Leveler Ladder


The Little Giant® Leveler™ is  more versatile, lighter & easier-to-use than any comparable ladder on the market. The Leveler allows you to complete nearly any task at home or on the job, from hanging a picture over the stairs to working over unlevel, rough terrain. The Leveler comes with Little Giant’s patented Ratchet™ Levelers.

These levelers allow you to always find level ground by simply stepping on the tab on the leg and extending it down to the desired height. The ratchet levelers are only available on 1 side of the ladder and give you 18cm of adjustable height.

The Leveler has new spring-assisted Rapid Lock adjusters which are easier to use than the traditional U-locks, seen on older models.

The Leveler can be used in numerous configurations such as staircase, extension, 90-degree & various A-frame options. The Leveler can be separated into 2 A-frames to resemble a trestle-and-plank scaffolding system with the use of our optional Trestle Brackets. (Sold separately. See Accessories) The flared legs on the Leveler provide added stability and safety giving the operator confidence & comfort.

The Little Giant Leveler is extra heavy duty rated to hold 150kgs in all configurations, and will also hold 150kgs on each side of the stepladder configuration. It complies with Australian Standards 1892.1:1996.

The Little Giant Leveler is available in 17, 22 & 26 models

Weight Rating: 150 kg
Max Safe Work Height: 3.6 M


Model M17 M22 M26
Part Number 16517-801 16522-801 16526-801
Rating  150kg
Stepladder Min. & Max Height 1.2m-2.1m 1.5m-2.7m 1.83m-3.35m
Extension Min & Max Height 2.7m-5.2m 3.4m-6.7m 3.96m-7.9m
Stepladder Highest Standing Level Max 1.5m 2m 2.6m
Extension Highest Standing Level Max 3.6m 4.8m 5.9m
storage Height 1.4m 1.7m 2m
Storage Width .6m .7m .76m
Storage Depth 22cm 22cm 22.6cm
Weight 15.6kg 20kg 24.7kg
Shipping Weight 17.3kg 22kg 26.7kg

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