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Primo Max II

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Turf Growth Regulator

The original and trusted turf growth regulator that pre-conditions for stress and optimises surface quality and resources.

Not only does Primo MAXX inhibit vertical growth, but actually diverts plant growth downward into the root system to produce increased food reserves and lateral stem development.

This in turn produces a thicker, healthier sward that better equips your turf to withstand temperature extremes, moisture loss, traffic and wear and tear, and even helps in the management of Poa annua.

Key Benefits
• Improves overall turf quality and colour (greens and fine cut turf included)
• Enhances the availability of non-structural carbohydrates enhancing health and resilience
• Regular applications at lower rates will result in a more durable surface
• Valuable pre-stress conditioning tool for bent greens against hot, stressful summers
• Early season applications can still accommodate spring renovations
• Effective growth and cost management tool that produces savings through reduced mowing time, clippings and machinery wear
• Versatility for use on turf farms, over-seeding preparation, bunker edges and difficult to manage areas
• MAXX technology allows for excellent tank mix compatibility with fungicides and foliar fertilisers, often resulting in better performance from both as they are not removed as quickly through mowing
For application rates, open the PDF here.
Application Rates Brochure


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