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Trike Linemarker


Introducing the Trike by turfmate the ultimate for fast, efficient line marking. 
Manufactured as an independent, stand alone, ‘ride on’ line marking or chemical spray machine, the Trike is simple to operate and requires no pre-assembly or attachment to other utility machinery, again leading to a further reduction in line marking preparation, time and cost. 

With over 2 years in research & development, the Trike has been recognized within the line marking sector as a versatile, fast, maneuverable ‘ride on’ line marking machine that has become exceptionally popular for those with larger areas to be line marked. Speed and simplicity combine to offer significant reductions in line marking times, offering high efficiency and a direct reduction in operational cost. 

Ultimate in versatility: 
● Dual Purpose – Line Marking / Chemical Spraying 
● 3-4 times faster than a conventional Marking 
● Reduces operational cost 
● Reduces operator fatigue 
● Low maintenance proven Honda powered engine. 
● Soft “turf saver” tyres for the lightest footprint 
● Tight turning circle for perfect circles 
● Ergonomic adjustment seat. 

Line Marking: ‘
● In-line’ marking offers exceptional accuracy 
● Single fan – high definition – adjustable line width
● Integral hand lance for spot marking 

Chemical Spraying:
● Optional front or rear mount Chemical Spraying with a fully controllable 1-6 head spray boom New ‘non mist’ spray jet Adjustable spray width up to 3mt Sprays total or selective chemicals Integral hand lance for spot treatment 

Other information:
Weight - 140 kg
Dimensions - 185 x 112 x 96 cm
Power - 5.5 HP 4 Stroke
Top Speed - 28km/h

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