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Jumbo Step 4 Step with rail


Little Giants’ new Jumbo Step combines strength, stability and is extremely light compared to other stepladders. It presents a 22cm wide slip-resistant tread that resembles the common staircase providing unmatched comfort. Whether you’re climbing up and down frequently or standing for long periods, the Jumbo Step makes working at heights a comfortable experience.

The patent-pending Jumbo Step is easy to operate and stores neatly with its 10.5cm storage. One of its biggest features is the huge non-slip footpads which will adhere to almost any surface. The Jumbo Step is available in 2 options – with & without the safety rail, however the 4-step is only available with the rail. The Jumbo Step attracts a 150kg Australian Rating.

2-Step 3-Step 4-Step
Model Number 11902 11903 11904
Weight Capacity 150kgs 150kgs 150kgs
Stool Height 0.60m 0.91m 1.21m
Highest Standing Level 0.46m 0.66m 0.89m
Storage Height 0.79m 1.09m 1.40m
Storage Width at Base 0.50m 0.50m 0.50m
Storage Depth 10cm 10cm 10cm
Footprint 0.54m 0.83m 1.13m
Step Size 35cm x 21cm 35cm x 21cm 35cm x 21cm
Tip & Glide Wheels™ No No No
Scaffolding Position No No No
90-Degree Ladder No No No
Feet Plastic Molded Plastic Molded Plastic Molded
Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Step Stool Weight 4.9kgs 7.26kgs 8.8kgs
Shipping Weight 8.1kgs 11.3kgs 13.6kg
Warranty Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime
Country of Origin Made in China Made in China Made in China

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